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American and international students dream about living abroad, getting an international education and sharing their culture with other parts of the world.

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Quest engages a team of volunteers to help us raise funds that afford underprivileged students the opportunity for education abroad.

Once we receive your scholarship donation, we’ll get in touch to discuss how you’d like your scholarship funds to be used. You can choose which country you would like to contribute to and receive updates on how students have benefited from your generosity.

Founded in 1999, Quest International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-free and recognized with a letter of charitable contribution.


Donations That Made a Difference

Bryton Chikukwa From Zimbabwe

Through a series of fortunate events, we were able to connect with a motivated student named Bryton who was from a small town in Zimbabwe called Marondera. He was a mature and responsible young man, juggling his studies, looking after his younger brothers, helping out on the family farm, and playing for the school basketball team. Quest worked with a group of donors and volunteers to make Bryton’s travel and study program possible. Bryton was accepted for enrollment at Newcomb Central High School in upstate New York and he lived with the school principal and his family.

We reached out for donations to help pay for Bryton’s tuition, airfare, medical insurance, clothing and pocket money for a 10-month high school program. We sponsored all of Bryton’s costs up front, and, through our generous donors, we were able to provide Bryton with everything he needed, including a laptop computer and an airline ticket to travel to the Quest office in San Francisco.

Here is the rest of Bryton’s story....