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Quest is partnered with some of the most sought-after schools in Canada!

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Let Quest Be Your Expert Advisor

With many schools that fit your budget and desired curriculum, Quest will help you select the school that is right for you.

Our team has studied the regions, requirements, and activities offered in each district and will provide school recommendations that best fit your needs and qualifications. Let the Quest team navigate the application process, ensure school acceptance, and provide you with a host family. We work closely with each school district to help make your Canadian high school program a reality. You’ll receive professional advice and placement assistance at an affordable price.

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Focus on Academics

Do you need to take academic courses to fulfill your university requirements? Our program offers a diverse curriculum of academic courses for students who want to focus on core subjects.

Be Adventurous

Are you looking to play sports, learn to ski, or want to be part of a team? Canada is your playground. Summer and winter sports are available no matter which location you choose!

Learn a Language

Are you an English learner and want to improve your language skills? High School Canada provides extra ESL help at no extra cost – or why not learn to speak French!

Select Your Courses

You select the classes you want to study. There are no required subjects. Do you want to learn about art, music, drama, cooking or technology? The options are endless in High School Canada!

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