High School Partnership

Quest Exchange understands your individual school’s enrollment requirements and provides qualified international student applicants.

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We recognize that we are among a growing field of agencies recruiting international students

So why is Quest Exchange different?


Quest Is A Non-Profit Organization

We prioritize valuable experiences and quality service for program participants over dollars earned and profits made. We are mission-driven and passionate about student exchange.

Diversified Student Body

Having a strong international student program will not only increase tuition revenue for your school but will diversify your student body, with none of the difficulties of managing the host family placements and issues that can often arise with international students.

Administrative Support

Quest Exchange has trained Local Coordinators available to support your school and the student during the course of the program. We handle all administrative tasks associated with enrollment, supervision, and we work directly with our trusted international partners on your behalf.

Individualized Attention

We recognize that every school has its own requirements, policies, and procedures for student enrollment; we strive to thoroughly understand your individual school’s expectations and goals to provide you with pre-screened students that meet your expectations.

We believe in

Strong Relationships

Quest Exchange recognizes that strong relationships with our school partners are an integral part of a successful program. We work with each school to define admission criteria and build an international student program that benefits your school. We will always respond quickly to questions and concerns and will provide support during each phase of the process.

Services We Provide

Promotion of Your School

Utilizing our ability to bring awareness and information about your school to our many foreign partner offices and prospective students, will increase your student enrollment.

Pre-screened Applicants

We select the best student applicants from Europe, Asia, Australia & Latin America. Quest conducts Skype interviews or will set up interviews with your staff to help define each student’s qualifications.

Tuition Payments

On time tuition payments via U.S. bank check or your preferred method of payment. You will not have to manage a multitude of wire transfers or pay various bank fees.

Host Family Management

Recruitment and screening of host families including conducting criminal background checks, in-home interviews, reference checks, orientation and more.

Medical Insurance Guarantee

Comprehensive student medical insurance coverage and a 24-hour Quest Emergency Line for student emergencies.

Disciplinary Support

Supervision of student/host family placement and counseling for students who need disciplinary action. We work with your school policies and I-20 guidelines.

Student Orientations

Quest ensures students and natural parents understand your school’s guidelines and regulations. We disseminate enrollment contracts, tuition agreements, student handbooks, and student rules prior to arrival.

Extension Programs

Students coming on an F-1 visa often want to stay for multiple years and graduate from an American school. Quest provides students with the opportunity for an extended program and we offer continued support to your school.