Keene Central School

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Keene Central School – Staff Favorite

Keene Valley, New York

The program at Keene Central School is unique and in a class of its own. As a small school within a small community in upstate New York, Keene Central Schools offers international students a very close-knit, supportive, and encouraging environment. This program is one of their most affordable F-1 programs. Keene allocates their tuition money towards all student activities, daily meals, special events, school bus and athletics. This school is highly recommended for students who enjoy nature, camping, and sports (especially skiing and snowboarding).

Keene Central continues to strive to provide a rigorous academic program, offering a number of extracurricular activities and support student needs to make sure that they can be successful at achieving their mission to, “Let each become all he or she is capable of becoming.” Keene provides after-school activities and programs to help students grow both in and outside of the classroom.

School Type: Public

School Size: 161

Class Size: 12

Grades Accepted: 10th, 11th, 12th

Type of Students Accepted: Year, Students Intending to Graduate

Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field

Extracurricular Activities: Chorus, Theater/Drama, Clubs: Key Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Varsity Club, Forensics, Spanish Travel Club

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