Michigan Lutheran High School

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Michigan Lutheran High School

St. Joseph, Michigan

Michigan Lutheran pride itself on the high academic achievements they routinely see of our students. Students are able to achieve both personal and academic success through the studies and programs that are offered through Michigan Lutheran High School. The campus is located in a beautiful and safe area in St. Joseph, providing students with a quality education through personable and approachable teachers, a family atmosphere, and strong Christian morals. There is a 100% graduation rate and top universities seek out Michigan Lutheran students for attendance at their schools. The school provides its students with help applying to scholarships and colleges and takes pride in the many outstanding universities that their students have been accepted to. 

School Type: Boarding

School Size: 104

Class Size: 28

Grades Accepted: 9th, 10th, 11th

Type of Students Accepted: Year, January Arrivals, Students Intending to Graduate

Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Equestrian, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Weightlifting

Extracurricular Activities: Chorus, Multimedia Production, Music, Painting, Photography, Robotics, Sports, Theater/Drama, Visual Arts, Volunteer Work, Band, National Honor Society, Student Government, Mission Trips and service, Audio/Visual Technology Program, Student Ambassador program

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