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New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Known for its history, particularly during the formation of Canada as a sovereign state, Atlantic Canada is well-known for unique accents, including the origin of Acadian culture, natural coastal beauty, the historic beauty of Halifax and Canada’s fishing and shipping industry.

Vancouver, Victoria

Colloquially known as “B.C.”, this province prides itself on its beauty. From cultured Vancouver, to charming Victoria, to the iconic ski slopes in Whistler, the province also has the mildest winters in Canada, on average. This is especially true in coastal regions, making it popular with international students who are less enthusiastic about winter.

Toronto, Ottawa

Canada’s most populous province is also quite geographically vast, allowing for endless activities to partake in. Toronto is Canada’s largest city, is eclectic and vibrant, and prides itself on its multiculturalism. The province is also home to Niagara Falls and Ottawa, Canada’s charming bilingual capital. All these things and more allow Ontario to showcase much of what is considered quintessentially Canadian.

Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg

Known for their vast open spaces and plentiful resources, the Canadian Prairies are a dynamic set of provinces with some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world. The major cities of Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are modern cities with everything from massive rodeos to high-class museums.

Montreal, Quebec City

One of the most unique regions in Canada, Quebec is culturally distinct from the rest of Canada. French is the dominant language, unlike the rest of the country. The province is also known for unique things such as Quebec City’s Winter Festival, Montreal’s classic architecture, maple syrup and poutine. Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world.

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