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Bryton Chikukwa From Zimbabwe

Often, we tend to think of the entire world as much like the one in which we live, which is very true! My name is Bryton Chikukwa. I was born and raised in a family of three boys in Zimbabwe Africa. It was hard for me to picture success...

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Lukas Uhliark From Slovakia

Quest, I would like to express my big thank you for all you do and wanted to take some of my time to express how much I enjoyed being one of your exchange students. Believe it or not, I can’t think of a life situation which would have made my career more special than...

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Rogerio Queresma From Brazil

Having been a Quest High School Exchange student in the U.S. was probably the most defining experience of my life. At only 14 1/2 years old I decided to live and study in the U.S. I lived in Washington State with a wonderful host family and had an amazing time...

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Samantha Costa from Brazil

There are few decisions in life that you wouldn’t change a thing, but I can say without a doubt that my high school exchange experience with Quest was one of them. Because of that brief but deeply impacting semester, I was able to grow as a person, better understand myself, others around me and overcome challenges with amazing rewards that would impact my life in years to come...

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See what people have to say about Quest and their experience.

“This exchange opened my eyes to other opportunities and gave me the desire and courage to continue exploring the world. I actually came back and interned at Quest in college, and had the full-circle experience of working on the very program I was part of. Sixteen years later, I am living in San Francisco and working at Google. I highly encourage high school students to go on exchange and recommend Quest International from the great experience that I had.”

Rogerio Queresma from Brazil

“Believe it or not, I can’t think of a life situation which would have made my career more special then my high school exchange year in West Virginia with Quest. Even today, after 15 years, I am in contact with my American host family and have visited them a couple of times together with my wife. I want you to know how significantly my exchange year with Quest influenced my life. Thank you for helping me become an international ambassador for student exchange!”

Lukas Uhliarik from Slovakia

“The Quest program is an excellent way to get out into the world, see new things, and meet new people. These experiences will always be with you and you will meet people who will forever be part of your life.”

Katie from the U.S, studied in Germany

“This exchange program was definitely the best experience of my life. All young people should do the same; it is an unforgettable experience. Thank you Quest International and all Chileans for your welcome and for making me feel like one of you.”

Jenny Nordberg From the U.S., studied in Chile

“I had some doubts about where to go and how to choose my classes, but Quest and my wonderful coordinator were always there to help. At the end of my second and last year, I felt blessed about all the friends that I made, my wonderful host family and all the stuff that I have learned out and inside of the school.”

Ignacio from Spain

“I hosted a male student from Madrid Spain for the 2011-2012 Academic year through Quest Exchange. My son and I enjoyed hosting him for the school year. Our student learned about American culture, the English language, the American school system and all about our family. The best part of all is that he truly became a member of our family and a life long friend! My thirteen year old son learned all about Spanish culture and he now is looking forward to visiting Spain in the near future. Thank you Quest for this amazing cultural experience.”

Chris BuscheHost Family, Pennsylvania

“Quest International is very friendly with their partners and students. Also, they are always honest and clear. Quest is the most trustworthy partner of my agency!”

Jule LeeQuest Partner- Managing Director, World Educational Consulting

“The Quest program I participated in was honestly the best experience of my life. The experience itself was amazing, and I got the opportunity to make great friends for life and see a whole different country and experience another culture at a young age.”

Sarah from Australia

“This type of experience is truly amazing anywhere because you expose yourself to the world and different cultures, and you become aware that there are so many places that are outside of the 20 mile radius that you usually live your life in.”

Elijahfrom the U.S., studied in Italy

“As an exchange student, I have gained valuable experience. It has allowed me to gain a global perspective as well as cultural awareness around me. I still find myself constantly learning and acquiring new skills within my environment. Throughout this experience, I have accomplished things I only dreamt of in Zimbabwe. I never thought it would be possible. Thanks to Quest International and I know this program will have a long-lasting impact on my life and family.”

Bryton Chikukwafrom Zimbabwe, Africa

“Our son is based in Spain for his senior year in high school. He is having an amazing time. Jeannette and the crew at Quest have been so easy to work with and have answered all of our questions, and believe me we had a lot! They made the whole process almost flawless. The visa for Spain took some work but that is not Quest; it is the Spanish Consulate and their process. Overall, we would use Quest again and we are going to send our youngest son through them when the time comes. I would highly recommend them.”

- JoanneParent in the U.S.

“There are few decisions in life that you wouldn’t change a thing, but I can say without a doubt that my high school exchange experience with Quest was one of them. Because of my program, I was able to grow as person, better understand myself, others around me and overcome challenges with amazing rewards that would impact my life in years to come. A big thank you to Quest International for being fundamental in my well-being, safety and cultural development and for all future exchange students out there.”

Samantha Costa from Brazil

“Fox Valley Lutheran High School (FVL) has had a wonderful partnership with Quest Exchange for a number of years. We are always happy to host Quest’s international students and know that they will work throughout the school year to ensure the student has a successful cultural experience. They are a very organized group that truly cares about the students and has their best interests at heart.”

Laura Gucinksi Quest School Partner- Fox Valley Lutheran, Appleton, Wisconsin

“Quest is one of the most efficient partners we are working with. All of the contacts are very responsive and supportive to our inquiries from student applications throughout the program. Our students and their parents are quite happy with their schools and host families, and that encourages us to send more students to Quest.”

Fen TsengQuest Partner - Director, Scholar Education Counseling Services, Ltd.

“Quest Exchange placed me with an amazing host family and they took time to learn about me so that they could find a perfect match for me during my time studying abroad. From the very beginning they answered all my questions and made my parents feel safe sending me off to another country.”

Madisonfrom the U.S., studied in The Netherlands

“Being able to speak another language is such a great advantage. And it’s also great to know more about other cultures instead of just reading about the country in a geography book. I’m really glad I decided to study in Germany for a year with Quest.”

Juliafrom the U.S., studied in Germany

“Studying abroad was one of the biggest experiences in my life and I have changed a lot through studying abroad. It was a good opportunity for not only learning a foreign language, but it was also a good chance to learn different cultures. I had some prejudices about other countries, but living in America helped me to get along with people from different countries. I know that it is really big decision to study abroad. However, you can learn many things if you have an open mind and courage.”

Yung Seo Choifrom South Korea