The Community School

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The Community School 

Sun Valley, Idaho

Community School’s mission is to inspire students to think critically; engage confidently; embrace challenges; and lead impactful, purposeful lives. Community School’s main academic campus is located Sun Valley, Idaho. They feature three different programs including Sun Valley Ski Academy, Outdoor Leadership Academy, and Creative Arts Academy. Astonishingly, 100% of Community School students who apply are accepted for admission to college. They also have a renowned, award-winning program for competitive skiers.

Sun Valley Community School is defined by academic rigor driven by a spirit of inquiry, meaningful outdoor experiences, athletic and artistic opportunities. Their exceptional program provides a framework for students to explore, pursue their passions and develop an authentic sense of self. Upper School students continually build qualities of self-confidence, awareness, and independence. Leadership opportunities abound academically, athletically, and in the Outdoor Leadership Academy.

Whether playing varsity soccer as a freshman, leading the ninth-grade river trip as a senior, or singing a solo in the fall musical, students are also regularly challenged to exceed their perceived limits and seek out new experiences. The Upper School promotes a culture of mutual respect and trust between teachers and students. Experts in their subject areas our faculty values the art of teaching. Beyond the classroom, teachers are regularly involved in students’ lives—as student advisors, trip leaders, coaches, community service leaders, and friends. These strong student-teacher relationships are often cited by graduating seniors as the most important element of a Community School education.

This culture of care and respect fosters a learning environment that is open, accepting, and curious. SunValley cultivates independent thinking and supports students as they step beyond their comfortable boundaries, both academically and individually. Students are encouraged to participate in a spectrum of interests and activities, including athletics and performing arts. It’s not unusual to see a student playing competitive soccer, acting in a school play, and devoting time to community service projects in the same week.


School Type: Boarding

Grades Accepted: 9th, 10th, 11th,

Type of Students Accepted: Year; Students Intending to Graduate

Sports: Skiing

Extracurricular Activities: Ski Academy, Outdoor Leadership Academy

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