The Steward School

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The Steward School

Richmond, Virginia

The Steward School has a successful educational system where the class sizes are small, offering students a stimulating environment while expanding their skills in English. The school also offers a prestigious, entrepreneurship credential program for those students interested in business. This program set students up with mentors and internships with successful, high executives to guide them. Another rewarding aspect of this school is a student retreat in a foreign country. International students can also participate in sports, clubs, and events both on and off campus throughout the school year. The Steward School is ideal for international students who plan to go to an American university as college advising and TOEFL support is provided. 

Many private schools are driven by a “bigger, better, faster” ethic. Steward is driven by the notion that smaller is better — that a smaller environment, in fact, means deeper relationships and more opportunities.

The student Advisory Program matches each student with his or her own advisor, who supports their student to help lead the way through the complexities and unique challenges he or she may face during the important years before college.

The College Counseling Office individualizes the college admission process for each student during his or her journey from ninth grade through graduation. This personalized attention helps each student find his or her best fit within an often-overwhelming number of college options.

To keep students challenged and engaged in their academic journeys, they offer numerous honors and Advanced Placement courses. Five core courses in the areas of English, social studies, mathematics, foreign language, and science, plus one or more electives make up a typical Steward Upper School schedule. They offer a credentialing program in Entrepreneurship Studies. Extracurricular activities are especially popular among and they work hard to assure that these opportunities fit comfortably into student’s schedules.


School Type: Private

School Size: 650

Class Size: Varies

Grades Accepted: 9th, 10th, 11th

Type of Students Accepted: Year, Semester, January Arrivals, Students Intending to Graduate

Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Weightlifting

Extracurricular Activities: Chorus, Music, Nature and Outdoors, Newspaper, Photography, Robotics, Sports, Theater/Drama, Visual Arts, Volunteer Work, Other Clubs, Internship, Overseas trips

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