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What is the Fast Track Program?

Students in the Fast Track program can skip one or two years of high school and start their college/university studies right away. Students take full-time classes and earn college/university credit while completing requirements for a high school diploma at the same time. After successfully completing your Associate Transfer degree and high school diploma requirements, you can transfer to a four-year institution and complete a Bachelor’s degree by taking two more years of study in your major.

Are you in the 10th or 11 grade and want to get on the fast track towards your college degree?

How It Works

Class Selection

During the first two years, students are required to study general education classes in a variety of subjects. This program allows students to explore different subjects or majors if they’d like, as well as build a wide base of knowledge. Students can meet with academic advisors regularly to discuss class options and review graduation and transfer requirements.

High School Diploma

Upon completion of the specific course requirements needed to fulfill Associate Transfer degree and high school graduation requirements, students receive an official diploma at the same time they receive their Associate Transfer degree. Both high school and college graduation status are noted on the student’s transcript.


Enrollment in the Fast Track program also includes access to personal counseling, academic and career planning, social activities, leadership training, student clubs, outstanding athletic facilities, a college library, computer and science laboratories, and much more.

Graduation Requirements

You must do the following by the end of your final quarter: complete a High School and Beyond Plan, meet all requirements for a transfer degree (Associate of Arts, Science or Business), complete Pacific Northwest History and U.S. History courses, and meet the required English Language Arts, Math and Science scores on a standardized test.

Transfer Admission Guarantee

We help assist students in transferring to well-known universities all over the United States.  Through a special arrangement, Quest is able to offer Transfer Admission Guarantee letters from some of its university partners. At the time of acceptance, students can receive an acceptance letter and a Transfer Admission Guarantee letter from one of its four-year partners.

Bachelor Degree Scholarships

Quest has partnered with a number of universities in the United States to assist students in transferring for a Bachelor’s Degree after completing their Associate’s degree. These institutions not only welcome transfer applicants, but they also offer scholarships and admission to some of the more popular majors such as Business, Engineering, and Computer Science.

We Are Invested In The Long-Term Success Of Our Students!

Quest has programs for international students starting at the age of 13 all the way through college. Your long-term success is important to us and we are there to guide you every step of the way. The opportunity for education and cultural experiences should be available to all students, and it will change your life. Over the last 19 years, Quest has been working with students from all over the world. We change lives in ways you cannot imagine.

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