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Let the Quest team help you get accepted into the right university!

 Top University Partners

Quest is partnered with a wide range of universities to offer students the best graduate programs in a variety of locations. Choosing a U.S. university can be a daunting task for international students, Quest’s University program provides guidance and advice on finding schools that align with your budget and desired field of study. Our experienced advisors help you research options, discover admissions requirements, and complete your application.

University USA Programs

Do you have a university in mind, or do you need help selecting one that is right for you? Let Quest’s professional advisors help you make decisions and get your application submitted!

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor’s Degree

Quest works with a wide variety of universities across the U.S. We help qualified candidates find schools that match their field of study to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. Let our team work with your budget, major, and individual qualifications to provide the right school options. Once you have chosen schools, we assist with applications and supplemental documents to complete the process.

Graduate Program

Master’s Degree Program

Earning a master’s degree may qualify graduates to work in advanced or executive-level positions.  Different degree programs available at the master’s degree level include

  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Pathway Program

Bachelor’s Degree 2 Plus 2

Quest’s 2 Plus 2 pathway program helps you gain acceptance into a 2-year community college with a transfer to a 2-year university program. Community colleges do not require a TOFEL and provide the ESL help you need to complete your Associate’s Degree. We work with top universities who give provisional acceptance to students who have completed the community college program, making your U.S. education and graduate degree a reality!

Not Ready For A Four-Year Degree Program?

Community College 2-Year Degree Program

In addition to university programs, Quest offers the Associate’s Degree program that appeals to international students because of its flexibility with English language requirements, simple acceptance guidelines, and low cost and short-term offerings in desirable locations throughout the USA. International students get more personal attention and support plus opportunities to practice English as they work towards a 2-year degree.

Studying at a community college is a very common option. Every year, 45% of American high school graduates and 75,000 international students choose to further their education at community colleges. By doing so, they make a smart choice and enjoy many benefits. Our schools are affordable and help prepare students who wish to transfer to 4-year universities or are looking for a GAP year program.