Upper Hutt College

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Upper Hutt College


Upper Hutt is a very beautiful and safe city with 50,000 inhabitants, which is surrounded by rivers, parks and a national forest park. Thus, there are many opportunities for recreational sports and cultural activities. Access to the beaches of Wellington and to the harbor is easy.Upper Hutt College is a co-ed secondary school founded in 1962. It is a 30-minute drive from the city of Wellington and has approximately 1,240 students. It offers a wide variety of subjects, excellent facilities, highly trained staff, and a very positive learning environment. In addition, it is a school that prides itself on its academic success, personalized attendance and intense participation in a wide variety of sports and cultural activities. Students can participate in activities such as fencing, kayaking, netball, rugby, badminton, basketball, hockey, dragon boating and tennis. They can also take part in rock bands, orchestras, debate teams and artistic groups. Upper Hutt College aims to make students feel comfortable and secure while away from home and offers easy access to the internet to help international students stay in touch with their families back home.

They are proud to offer high-quality accommodation in family homes that are carefully selected by the staff. The host family program coordinator takes care of international student needs and welcomes them upon arrival.

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