Volunteer Thailand FAQ’s

Will I have access to Internet/WiFi at each program location?

Yes, you will have WiFi access at your accommodation and at many of the places visited during the itinerary.

Can I bring my own cell phones?

Yes, if you have an unlocked cell phone, you can buy a Thai carrier/SIM card on arrival to make international calls if necessary. We do however advise applicants to communicate with family and friends via social media using WiFi mostly to avoid excessive charges.

Can I travel without my group and coordinator on program?

No, for the most part you will be required to stay with your group and coordinator throughout. There will be many opportunities to enjoy time to yourself once checked-in at each volunteering destination.

How much money should I have for spending money?

All your domestic travel, accommodation and meals are included in the program.  You may bring some additional spending money for personals, snacks and any gifts you wish to buy. As a rough guide, we would suggest having access to an additional $200 for the trip.

What if I don’t want to complete my volunteering hours once at a program destination?

We appreciate that hot tropical climates can make some people lethargic and not want to participate at times. You should consider whether you’re the type of person that adapts well to different environments when deciding to apply for a program. You will be required to stay with your group and travel to each activity or excursion together regardless of whether you participate fully.

What if I don’t like the people I’m travelling with and want to change groups?

It is not possible to change groups once arrived in Thailand. You will need to try and be patient with any members of your group you do not get on well with and should always discuss any issues with your coordinator. Our team will always do their best to resolve issues within the group dynamics.

What if I don’t like the food or meals provided?

Meals planned for you and your group will allow each member to choose individual items or agree a set menu together. During the program you will get to try lots of foods that you like and dislike. Therefore your preferences will change and evolve as you become more accustomed to Thai food. You should be prepared to eat a more traditional diet of Thai dishes, vegetables and rice daily. There will be few opportunities to eat fast-food or more western foods as meals provided on the program.

If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements you should discuss these when applying. It is possible to cater for special diets when planning the group’s meals if prior notice is given.

How many community service hours will I be able to complete during the program?

Although the exact number of service hours will change depending on which program itinerary you choose, you can expect to be actively involved in our community projects for upwards of 50 hours during your trip. Typically, you will be able to complete more service hours in some locations compared to others that are more activity focused.

Will I get a certificate for community service hours completed?

Yes, you will be awarded a completion certificate at the end of your program that highlights the activities and community projects you have been involved with. Your certificate will show the number of service hours you’ve completed while in Thailand and can be used as supporting evidence of your achievement.

How will I be travelling to and from each volunteering destination?

Because of the limited time you will have in-country all transport provided allows for fast and convenient travel between destinations. You will travel by air, train and private mini-bus during the program. Itineraries are inclusive of all domestic flights and transportation services used throughout.

What if I become sick during the program?

Our team is experienced in delivering professional educational programs, having procedures in place to deal with any accidents or illnesses that may occur. If you require any medical treatment during the program a Quest Program Coordinator will escort you to the nearest medical facility. Your medical insurance cover will allow you to be given treatment in Thailand just the same as in your home country. Hospitals in Thailand are of the same standard internationally.