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Volunteer programs help nurture a great sense of responsibility while playing a vital role in supporting real people in need. Come join other volunteers in a magical place you will come to love.


Tour 3 amazing locations where you will volunteer and enjoy a cultural tour of Thailand and it’s people.

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Quest volunteer programs give you the opportunity to participate in a range of community service projects while exploring this amazing country. Join others as part of a group traveling around Thailand on our top picks of culture-engaging activities and excursions. From helping to teach English at rural schools to working as a full-time elephant keeper, each experience has been carefully crafted to give you a true educational glimpse into the history, culture and customs of traditional life.

Each volunteering experience will enable you to complete a number of community service hours while learning about the demands and project needs you’re impacting. Programs provide volunteers with orientation, training and a daily schedule throughout the journey, from arrival to departure. Our volunteers require no qualifications or previous experience. We only ask that you have an open mind to life and culture in the region and a real passion to do contribute to the people and animals while exploring the culture in northeast Thailand.

You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, self-reflection and fascination!

Choose a 14 or 20-day program that covers three locations, starting in the west and taking you south-east across rural Thailand where life is still very much influenced by the ways of old. Both programs offer 50 hours of service learning as a Quest Thailand Volunteer.  Students are safe and well taken care of by our caring group leaders, while Adult groups have a bit more freedom and can indulge in cultural tours as they customize their volunteer program.

14 Day Program

Come join Quest on a volunteer experience that will change you forever!

Teach Children


Kick things off with a crash course into everything Thai culture has to offer as you explore ancient ruins and beautiful countryside for six days. Build an understanding of how Thai people live as practicing Buddhists. Wai passing Monks and visit historical sites, all the while becoming harmonized with your natural surroundings. From biking through the old town’s enchanting night markets to perfecting the art of making Buddha imagery, feed your appetite for this amazing country. Learn about local education needs as you volunteer with teachers at our community schools.

Elephant Care


Continue your Thailand journey with three days learning about sustainable eco-tourism and helping to care for elephants at one of the country’s largest elephant preservation sites. Shadow local mahouts (elephant keepers) in their daily routines dedicated to caring for these magnificent animals. Join others as part of a weekly group of volunteers working onsite at the elephant camp where you’ll wash, feed and guide them from enclosures to local river banks. Try your hand at making recycled paper from elephant dung and explore the camp’s ancient elephant graveyard.

Cultural Exploration


Round up this amazing adventure with a culture-packed two-day tour of rural Isan, an area of the country heavily influenced by neighboring Laos. Immerse yourself in the tropical beauty of untouched Thailand, as you continue building on your wealth of knowledge about Thai culture. Experience elements of traditional Thai heritage, from taking to the boxing ring to train in the ancient art of Muay Thai, to learning about the region’s prehistoric origins in the great story of Buddha. Gaze out across Southeast Asia’s famous Mekong river as you tour ancient sites, exploring more mystic temples along the way.

20 Day Program

Become a world learner, contribute your skills to the people and animals of Thailand!

Teach Children


Teach beginner level English to children at rural schools in the northeast of Thailand. Training and a chance to first experience teaching with full-time language teachers in the school are provided before starting your new role as an assistant teacher. Rural school life is extremely relaxed and your day will quickly fly by as you join children in classroom games and activities aimed at developing conversational skills. Learn about the huge demands for improving education in rural areas of Thailand and see how your work helps to positively impact the lives of the children and community.

Community Projects


With your wealth of knowledge about Thai culture growing it’s time to get involved with some community projects as you help prepare for the Buddhist lent candle ceremony in Ubon for five days. This program covers an activity-packed schedule of arts and crafts projects in the Ban Chi Taun community where you’ll begin making your very own Thai-silk using traditional techniques including drying the silk yarns looming and coloring your final piece. This time of year local temples prepare for Buddhist Lent. Work alongside community volunteers at Sri Pa Du Candle community as you learn how to carve amazing lent candles sculptures from wax.

Elephant Care


Round up your Thailand journey with five days learning about sustainable eco-tourism and help care for elephants at the country’s largest elephant preservation site. Shadow local mahouts (elephant keepers) in their daily routines dedicated to caring for these magnificent animals. You will cut sugarcane for the elephants’ breakfast and trek together through the rice fields. On route back to base, you’ll stop by at the camp’s local community school to visit children of Mahout families. Explore the camp’s recycled paper factor and sacred elephant graveyard as you learn about the symbolic importance of elephants in Thai culture.

WHO ARE Quest Thailand

Student Groups

National Honor Society, Student Government Council, Community Service, Church Group, Travel Club, Sports Teams

Quest’s Volunteer Thailand program helps bring you together through a rewarding team building experience with the added benefit of giving back. Our group programs are supervised by professional, native Thai speaking, adults who are there to ensure your group has information and tools they need for a seamless immersion. Students build not only a bond amongst their team, but they also build friendships with Thai people and communities. Let Quest’s volunteer Thailand staff customize a program for your group that includes volunteer work combined with amazing cultural tours that will amaze you.

Bring your group together for an experience that will impact their lives forever!


Classroom Group, Sports Team, Senior Trip, Model United Nations Club, JROTC, Band, Key Club, Environmental Club

School embassador groups are a great way to showcase your school. Quest Volunteer Thailand will help you organize a group of students whose mission is to explore another culture while giving back through volunteerism. This program combines cultural immersion with learning, giving students a rewarding experience in rural Thailand. Classroom groups will learn how to work and travel as a team. A focus on leadership skills and individual development will enrich each student’s growth and independence as they learn together. Giving back and impacting the world we live in are buzz words in today’s youth society, engage your school in promoting global awareness.

Put your school on the map- join Quest’s Volunteer Thailand Program now!


Corporate Employees, Teachers, College Students, Company Teams, Environmental Groups or even Family and Friends

Working with elephants and children in a rural community impacts Thailand and it’s people in so many ways. This experience gives you a sense of how much different we are and yet how we are all the same. Whether you are a college student looking to fulfill credit requirements or part of a group that wants to team build or just give back, our volunteer program for adults focuses on learning new skills, cultural immersion and being able to experience the personal gratification that comes with contributing to people in need. We organize group programs but are able to work with individuals who can be combined in a group. Quest’s Volunteer Thailand staff customizes programs to meet budgets and time commitments. This is a perfect team building program that also gives each individual an opportunity for growth and a sense of accomplishment.

Come to Thailand and find the magic of volunteering!

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Quest Thailand is managed by a team of professionals one being a Thai native and the other an English expat living in southeast Thailand. Our staff has been working in the student exchange field for many years, they obtained a tour operating license with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and we are a fully registered tour operator, which is a requirement of the Thai government. Establishing Quest Thailand was a result of a long term partnership and vision for the future with the Quest president and USA staff.

TAT License No. 51-05689
Tour Leader License 54.0426/2562

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